Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bears and Niners Put on Amateur Display

By Matt Waldman, TheSportsHatch.com writer

The Bears and the Forty Niners played what I understood to be a National Football League game Thursday night. But I am still not sure that is what I watched. I tuned in to see some NFL quality offense and defense. What I saw were amateur procedural penalties, weak quarterback play, conservative coaching and a high school quality broadcast. If you wanted to see two teams just chuck the ball up there and hope the other team didn't catch it this was the game for you.

The 49ers had nine penalties and Jittery Jay Cutler had five interceptions giving him seventeen on the season. I bet Josh Mc Daniels slept like a baby with visions of Kyle Orten in his head. Oh yeah the final score was 10-6. Bring on the Pats and Colts let's see some real NFL football.

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