Tuesday, April 13, 2010

All is Welker for Brady and the Pats

By Alec Radzikowski, TheSportsHatch.com managing editor

Well well Wes Welker. What a little difference maker.

Welker was huge in the Patriots' 31-14 win over the New York Jets yesterday, setting career highs for receptions (15) and yards (192). Despite not scoring a touchdown, he kept the chains moving for Tom Brady and leaving the Jets completely defenseless.

“If you look at it,’’ Jets defensive end Shaun Ellis said, “Welker, that is really their offense. That is where everything is generated through. Moss, they know we are keying on him, so that frees up Welker a little bit. He is the focal point. He makes a lot of tough plays for them. We know what type of player he was, but they just hit us with him.’’

New England's quarterback might have something to say about the Ellis' remark, but there is no question Welker is a tremendous weapon in the slot receiver position for Brady. It didn't matter if they blitzed or sat back into zone coverage. Welker consistently found openings in the defense, and Brady has the upmost confidence in the sixth-year WR from Texas Tech.

“He takes a lot of hits,’’ Brady said. “The middle of the field is where the big boys are. He’s one of the toughest guys I’ve ever played with. He’s as durable as anyone I’ve ever seen.’’

The win helped the Patriots (7-3) remain two games ahead of the Miami Dolphins in the AFC East division and dealt the Jets' playoff hopes a serious blow. New England faces the undefeated New Orleans Saints on the road next week.

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