Monday, April 26, 2010

Idiots Rule!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 at 12:11AM
By Alec Radzikowski, managing editor

Anyone else flashing back to 2004? Johnny still doesn't have the beard or the long hair. But ladies and gentlemen, the idiot is in full force! He turned down a chance to return to the World Champion Yankees, and had his agent Scott Boras tell New York that the offer needed to start at 3 years/$13 million per season.

Once that door was slammed shut in his face, Damon was left to sift through one year deals, as no one else felt a 36-year old defensively liable outfielder was worth a large, long-term contract. Damon is a very likable guy. He never forgets the annual Jimmy Fund telethon. He had one of the most memorable home runs in Red Sox playoff history. He came up big in his final season in New York, helping them end their title drought. He's a tough player that grinds through injuries almost as much as he grinds through at bats.

So it was a pleasant surprise that he was able to scrap up $8 million for one season in Detroit. The Tigers should have a competitive team and that money certainly isn't the league minimum. But remember, the idiot is still in play.

In the press conference announcing his signing, Damon insinuated that Detroit could have beaten the eventual world champion Yankees. "They're a scary team." True the Tigers actually had a legitimate ace in Justin Verlander, but talk to us when the team actually MAKES the playoffs, Johnny. Michelle is thrilled to go to Detroit. Nice hat btw He also commented on the fact that his wife Michelle had nothing to do with where he signed. This might actually be true, considering he settled on the Motor City (all respect to Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, Bob Seger and Jack White).

But don't you think Damon had some splainin' to do after telling his wife that it was time to trade in Madison Avenue for 8 Mile? But hey Michelle, it's only for a year. You know Damon. He'll be ready to go out there everyday. He'll fit in nicely with his new teammates. He'll grind out at bats and get on base. If his body holds up, Damon should produce. Could he outperform current Yankees DH Nick Johnson? Sure. Could he have a better year than Red Sox DH David Ortiz? It could happen. Wouldn't it be a hoot if Damon made everyone else look like an idiot this season?

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