Monday, August 16, 2010

RED SOX-RED SOX , Watch Clocks!

by Alec Radzikowski
What the hell are we going to do with these Sox? Talk about highs and lows. They take the first two in Toronto after splitting with the Yankees, then they blow the final game of the series. This is a game they should have won. But Papelbon blew the save chance. They travel to Texas and blow an 8-2 lead. Two painful losses in a row. Luckily the next night, Lester stops the pain. In other news, Francona starts to buy what Manny the local is selling. And hey, he was looking pretty good of late. But not today. Dice-K threw a better-than-expected game. That was nice to see. But the bullpen fails again and the Sox are running out of time. Did I mention Ellsbury's out again, probably for good this year? Hey Pedroia's coming back soon. Don't get your hopes up because THIS year, as soon as you catch a break, it's followed by something bad.

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