Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Know You Ryder!

We'll the sun's gonna shine, my back door some day...
We'll the Sun's Gonna Shine, My Back Door Some Day!!!
The Winds Gonna Blow all My Troubles Away!!!

Winning makes it all taste a little better, just ask Michael Ryder.

You wanna feel better in work? Win. You wanna have confidence in conversation when you have conversation with the pretty Red Head next store? Win. You wanna see the bright side when you get fired by a major television network for one of the highest rated shows of all time? Win, I know you have heard this all before but the Boston Bruins surely have not given up in this best-of-sven series, NHL playoffs 2011, and tonights overtime win gotta make you feel good like that confidence in work, that TV show and that Red Head next store. Life is Good, Life is Great, God loves you, work is good, your bills will go away, Boston Bruins, see you Saturday night on Causeway Street.

I wish I was a headlight, on a North Bound Train...
See you Saurday.
Andrew Capobianco is the Paid Search Director at McDougall Interactive a North Shore SEO Company specializing in Search, Social and Web Design, Andrew is also a founding member and President of The Sports Hatch.

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