Monday, April 18, 2011

Third Period Relief - It's the "New Style"

Shoot is over here Baby Pops, and let all the Hab Skater feel Timmy's Wrath...STOPPPPPPPPP!

Blockin' all shots from post to post and when we score an empty netter I chill the most, 3 period.

Said best by the Beastie Boys some times, that is the way i see it. The Bruins rose to the occasion last night in Montreal, especially in the 3rd period in which Timmy Thomas stopped, whack, snip, shot and every wuck phipped his way. It was epic, it was intense. it was Paul's Boutique over and over with chedder, provalone and land o lakes, swiss without the holes, so bring the brother luckin ruckus, Black and Gold, coolin on the corner on a mid spring dee just Mark Recchi, Zedayno and Timmy Tee. Open the Hatch, the B's are back, just like the Oak Ridge Boys, the Toys and the Beasties.

Andrew Capobianco is the Spots Hatch Editor, Writer and Master Mind.

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