Friday, June 06, 2014

Aaron Rodgers is Gaining Flexibility Through Yoga

Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rogers, is thinning out this off-season in an attempt to create more
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flexibility and be less suspect to injury. He has stated recently in an interview with a major sports network that he has already lost eleven pounds, which would be his lightest weight since joining the NFL. He has been incorporating yoga in his workouts, which has immediately increased his flexibility, and according to Rogers, has increased his health.

Last season's broken collarbone and 2010's concussion are the only injuries that have ever caused Rogers to miss playing time. Increased flexibility certainly wouldn't assist either of those injuries.

boston yogaNow that Rogers is 30, he is aiming his training at that which can lengthen his career, and if that means spending time in a San Diego, Green Bay or Boston Yoga studio, and less time in the weight room, that is fine with him. If the Green Bay Packers can get Rogers for 16 games this season, they have a legit chance in being super bowl contenders.

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